[Dairy - Sữa/Kem/Phô Mai]


They are relate to ech other basically base on one ingredient: milk. Milk is an substantial Western ingredients. There are several kind of milk from different animal: cows, goats, buffalos. The vegetarian type of milk is made from soya bean. Milk can be pasturized into cheese or beancurd. Milk also is used to make sauces such as bechamel, it is used in other dishes like bread and butter pudding or as a froth sauce to enchance and the look and taste of the dishes. Cheese is use wide from sauces such as basic cheese sauce or thermidor, mornay sauce. Cheese can also be used simply in sandwiches. Cream is the basic ingredient of ice cream. However cream can be used to make other dessert dishes such as cream brulee, cream catalan(a similar Spanish version of cream brulee), panna cotta (an Italian version of cream and eggs curtard).  

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