There are many variety of apple. It is well known as one apple a day that is good for your health. Apple is great to eat fresh or use in cooking. However if you intend to make appple tart or soup I recommend you should use Granny Smith or Cox type. Apple also go well with red cabbage. If you refer sweet and crunchy apple I recomment either Royal Gala or Fuji.


has a delicate flavour. Pear gives blended soft texture when poach in red wine. See my poached pears recipe for more cooking detail. I used Conference type for this recipe. There is also Asian pear which is accross between apple and pear. This type is good to eat fresh because it has crunchy and sweet flavour. However I would not recomend it for cooking.


has slightly furry skin and pinky reddish colour. It has crunchy texture when however it can become very soft and juicy if you let it ripe for a few days. It works as a good companion in crumble.


It is sweet and delicate fragrant. Again it can be make into plum tart or eat fresh. It has soft texture and purple colour.


It is very sour and tough talk.However it become extremmely soft when cooking. Rhubarb crumble is a very well known English dish. You can aslo mix cooked sweeten rhubarb into porridge for breakfast. It is delight!

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