European Herbs


has a mini round dark green leaves along the stalk with woody texture and aromatic taste. It is used widely in casserole and with roast meats. It is also great in stock together with other herb. Thyme is popular herbs tp grow in English garden.


has quite similar taste to thyme under Asian pallete. However rosemary has long thin tough leaves along with woody talk. Rosemary is also great with roast meats or stock.

Bay Leave

is found as a dried form. It is decently looking leave shape and size. It only releases the aromatic in cooking with liquid. Hence it mades wonderful stock and soups or even casserole.


many long thin green leaves in a soft talk. It is often sold fresh. It has used in many French cooking. It is a blended accomplement with chicken dishes.


is a same family of marjoram. It is sold fresh and dried. It releases wonderful aromatic smell when cooking. It works as good companion with tomatoes sauce.


is has long thin soft leaves. It is usually used with fish dishes. See my La Vong Grilled Fish as an example.

Asian Herbs


has fresh smell. Good to use with soups and noodle dishes. Coriander is widely sold in Western stores. When making stock you can use coriander stalk to make the stock taste clearer and fresher.


is widely used in Asian and Western cooking. It has delicate aromatic and work very well in tomatoes sauce.


can be seen as Western or Asian herb. It has sharp aromatic. Mint is used in fusion tea and desserts.

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