There are several kind of salt: sea salt, rock salt, lake salt and table salt.  Salt is normal use to enhance flavour. However it can be not good for your health. Sea salt and rock salt are great in salad. Just drizzle a small amount. To balance the amount of salt I usually use twice or three times more to the amount of sugar. Or the same amount of MSG


also have several different forms: rock, palm, brown, casting and icing sugar. Rock sugar is quite large grains look like rock and it has delicate sweet flavour. Palm sugar is also called coconut sugar. It makes from sap or coconut palm. It has quite intense sweet flavour and sandy texture. Icing sugar is the finest grains of normal or casting sugar.


is also known as Monosodium Glutamate. It is used to balance the saltiness flavour in soups or marinades. It is commonly used in Asian cooking. It has white colour like salt and sugar but sometimes it is sold in a form of long thin grains.

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