is a root vegetable. Very easy to recognize because it has dark red colour. Beetroot has a sweet flavour and crunchy texture. Go extremely well in soup or roasting. I often cook beetroot with potatoes and carot soup. Very nice!


has a bright orange colour. It can be made into soup, salad, stir fried or even cake. One of my favourite cake is carrot cake. It goes so well with a cup of coffee. Somtimes I just eat carrot raw when I am cooking.


It has white florets. It gives a crunchiness to a mix of stir fried. It has very delicate flavour. However it gives wonderful texture and flavour as puree.

Green Bean

has a medium green colour and long thin shape. It works well with stir fried noodle or casserole. You can mix green bean with salad. However you need to blanch it first. It does not have great flavour in a raw form.


There are several kind of potatoes: Maris Piper, King Eward, Desiree, sweet potatoes and so on. They can be cooked in the same way. However there two type of potatoes: waxy and floury. Waxy potatoes is good for baking, roasting and boiling. Where as floury type is good for boiling and eat as salad. 




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