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[Lobster - Tôm Hùm]

This is the most luxurious of all the seafood. The well-known dish using lobster is Lobster Thermidor. Lobster Thermidor is the combination of lobster and cheese sauce and then grill in the oven.

Lobster can be found around the world. It has dark green colour when it alive and turn to bright red colour when it cooked. Lobster has firm sweet meat. Large lobster is impressive but does not taste as good as the smaller one. They tend to taste chewier and less sweet.

There are several way of prepare lobster. You can stab it between the eyes and then cook. You can also freeze it and then cook it. Or you can through it straight into the pan and cook it. Freeze it first before cook it possibly is the best way because that will not stress the lobster and produce a better flavour. If the lobster is stress then the meat become harder and chewier. This vein in the back of the lobster is all the food that the lobster ate and it is not edible. The green sauce inside the head can contain toxin however it can be make into dipping sauce or dreesing sauce for salad dishes. See How to kill a lobster for more details and Lobster Preparation page for more detail how to prepare a cooked lobster. There is an example of lobster dish in my website: Summer Lobster Salad.

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