[Oyster - Con Hàu]

Oyster lives in brackish water and can be found around the world. A true oyster will have pearl inside. There are variety of oysters: rock oyster and ordinary oyster. You can either like this food very much or hate it. If you like seafood then you probably appreciate it more. Oyster is quite slimy and taste of sea water. For some people they will eat oyster and drink champage in romatic occasion.

To prepare oyster you need a small but strong knife to open the oyster. Then you can either cook the oyster in its shell with cheese sauce topping or ginger and spring onion. Then grill it under the oven. Or remove the meat and cook it with other ingredients. For example you can mix oyster with egg and make oyster omelette. A simplest to eat oyster is as its raw form.

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