There are a collection of rare breed meat (usually pork or beef). The meat is fron pigs/cows which has only a few left. Recently farmers start to reproduce these special meat. The quality of these meats is super but it has been forgotten because of the need of quantity rather than quality.

Pigs rare breed are: British Lop, Tamworth, Middle White, Gloucestershire Old Spots, Large Black, Berkshire, British Saddle Black.

Cows rare breed are: Aberdeen Angus, Whitebred Shorthorn, Irish Moiled, Lincoln Red, Gloucester, Hereford (Op), Shetland, White Park, British White.

Sheep rare breed are: Boreray, Leicester Longwool, North Ronaldsay, Teeswater, Castlemilk Moorit, Devon and Cornwall Longwool, Hill Radnor, Whitefaced Woodland, Balwen, Cotswold, Lincoln Longwool, Manx Loaghtan, Norfolk Horn, Portland, Soay, Wensleydale, Whitefaced Dartmoor, Dorset Down, Dorset Horn, Greyface Dartmoor, Oxford Down, Shropshire.

Selective Rare Breed Meat Information

[Tamworth Pork]

Tamworth Pig

This pig has ginger colour hair, original from Midland. Tamworth pig is a descendant of wild boar. It is a rare breed pig. It has succulent flavour and wonderful crackling. Its bacon is full of flavour: meaty and porky like how pork should be. Tamworth is only sold in a few areas because of its rareness. Tamworth can be make into any pork dishes. However you should not use other powerful ingredients which will make it hard too enjoy the flavour of Tamworth its self.



It is short black cow, orginal from Ireland. It has only become a rare breed recently. Dexter meat is sweater than the other beef. The meat has fine grain of mabble with yellow fat run through. The taste of the meat is flavoursome and very tender. It is great as just simple grill or barbecue. Its milk is similar to Jersey.

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