[Truffle - Nấm Truýp]

Truffle is the world most luxurious mushroom. It is well-known for its strong fragrance. It is very rare and hard to find. Mushroom hunter has to use pig or dog to spot where the truffle is. Then they can dig out from under the soil. There are variuos kind of truffle: black truffle, white truffle, chinese truffle and summer truffle.

Black truffle often found in France around late autumn to winter. It grows excusive with oak.White truffle usually found in northen Italy, especially city of Alba. Chinese truffle has less interesting taste. It is quite chewy.

Summer truffle can be found in northen Italy, central of Europe and United Kingdom. However summer truffle doesn't have the strong taste as winter truffle. Chinese truffle and summer truffle usually sell for lower price.



Cep is also known as porcini. It can be found in central and southern Europe. Cep has quite wide reddish brown colour cap and white stalk. It has a very strong earthy flavour. Cep is sold both fresh and dried. For the fresh one you need to brush all the dirts off it before use. The dried version you need to soak it in warm water for at least five minutes and then rinse it several times to remove all the sand grains. This mushroom can be cooked very simply like sauteed with butter or make into creamy soup and it still produces tasty flavour.



Morel represents as a dark brown honeycomb cap. There are false morel and true morel. The false morel is inedible because it contains posionous. The true morel is the edible one. However in general raw morel contains slightly toxin but this toxin disappear through cooking process. So you should not eat it raw. Morel can have a few bugs in the central of the cap. Before cooking you should split it into halves and brush throughly to remove all bugs. For dried morel you need to do the same after soaking it.

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