[Picture of Black Fungus - Hình Nấm Mèo]

Black Fungus

It is also known as cloud ear or wood ear fungus because of its shape. It is normally sold dried but also avaible as fresh. As a dried form of these mushroom, you need to soak it at least 10 minutes in boiling water. These fungus are popular in Chinese dishes. It has a texture of jelly like, translucent and yet crisp. It is used for stuffing and stir fry. My vegetarian spring rolls recipe is an example.

[Picture of Harissa - Hình Sa Tế Châu Phi]


It is a North African sauce. It contains chilli peppers, tomatoes sauce, cumin, coriander, caraway and oil. Some harissa also contains rose petals. It accompliments very well with meat dishes, stews and casserole. See my Morrocan Casserole recipe for an example.

[Picture of Lily Flowers - Hình Kim Châm]

Lily Flowers

It is a golden flower buds. It is also called golden needles. They are often sold in dried form. You need to soak them for at least 5 minutes before use. It usually become much lighter colour after soaking. Lily flower has a unique taste some people might find it taste a bit medicine like. It is used in variety of Chinese dishes. An example recipe of lily flower is vegetarian spring roll

[Picture of Rice Papers - Hình Bánh Tráng]

Rice Paper

These are thin circle papers made from rice flour. It often comes in as a dried form. You need to soften it before use by slightly tab the water onto the paper. It has blanch taste so it works well a wrapper. Vietnamese often use them for variety of spring roll. You can see my vegetarian spring rolls recipe as an example.

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