[Picture of Anatto Seeds - Hình Hạt Điều]

Annatto Seeds

They are a red colour seed. It has a Vietnamese name: Hạt Điều. It is a tropical spice,  found in a lot of Latin American countries and South East Asia. Peopele often fry them in oil which produce an red colour oil. They use it to colouring their food such as Lagu. Lagu is a Vietnamese well-known chicken stew. It is also used in cheeses, margarine, butter, rice dishes and smoked fish. It tastes of sweet and peppery with a hint of nutmeg.

[Picture of Cinamon - Hình Cây Quế]


It is native to Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh and Nepal. It has an aromatic smell and pungent flavour. It can be used in both savoury and dessert dishes. See example of uses in my dishes: Beef Noodle Soup and Poached Pears.

[Picture of Ginger - Hình Gừng]


It is root plant, original from China and spread out to India and South East Asia. It uses in mainy asian dishes. It has a spicy taste. Ginger can be made into different dishes. Pickled ginger often eat with sushi or sashimi (Japanese food). Ginger can also be crystalised as a snack food which accompliments with tea. Grounded ginger is used to marinate meats or fish to give a spicy taste (See its use in the bulgur wheat section of my Morrocan Casserole with Bulgur Wheat) In Vietnam, it commonly uses in congee as a replacement for medicine when you have a cold. Another example for fresh ginger recipe in my website is Beef Noodle Soup.

[Picture of Nutmeg - Hình Trái Đậu Khấu]


It is actually the seed of a tree and has an egg shape. It natives to India, Indonesia and Caribbean. They can be fried in oil to get its aromatic smell. Grounded Nutmeg can be used in making cakes or cheese sauce. It has a strong flavour so you usually use in small amount. Beef Noodle Soup has used this ingredient.

[Picture of Star Anise - Hình Hoa Hồi]

Star Anise

It is widely grow in Asia. It has a star shape which anise flavour. Star Anise is one of the main ingredients of Chinese five spice mix. It is use in Chinese dishes, Indian dishes and the other Asian dishes. Phở (Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup) has strong flavour of star anise.

[Picture of Turmeric - Hình Nghệ]


It is a kind ginger family. It is a form of spice. It has bright orange yellow colour. Asian use it in curry dishes and marinate fish (See Spiced Fish in Noodle Broth recipe) or meats. It can be hard to remove its colour from your skin and clothes so becarefull when using it. In Vietnam, sometimes people use fresh turmeric to heal cuts.

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