[Picture of Cassava - Hình Củ Sắn]


It is a tropical vegetable. This vegetable has the yellowy, sandy skin but inside it has white flesh. There are variety of cassava, some are more floury then these others. The floury type can be used as thickening agent. The other type has a sweet and crisp flavour. This crisp and sweet version cassave commons use in vegetarian spring roll and soup. In Vietnam they also use this type of cassave as a cheap option of getting sweet flavouring for noodle soups.

[Picture of Daikon/Mooli - Hình Củ Cải Trắng]

Daikon / Mooli

It is a oriental white raddish. It has crispy, juicy and mildly pungent white flesh. It is used in soups and stews. You can use it raw in a salad or pickled. In Vietnam sometimes they use Daikon to make Kim Chi. Kim Chi is a Korean dish which is reserved vegetables. Vietnamese beef noodle soup also uses Daikon to make the soup tastier.

[Picture of Okra - Hình Trái Đậu Bắp]


It is also known as lady finger. It is a kind of vegetables. It has green colour and firm flesh before cooking. In England, Okra has a much darker green colour and smaller size compare to the one you might find in Vietnam or Asia. It is great in stews, casseroles or tempura. Vietnamese often use them quite simple like steam to eat with soy sauce or reserved tofu. They also use it in sweet and sour soup.

[Picture of Taro - Hình Khoai Môn]


It is a tropical vegetable. It natives to Malaysia. It has oval shape with dark brown hairy from the outside. Inside it has white with speckle of purple. It like potatoes but slimer. Sometimes it is used in spring rolls. However when you deep fry it taste as good as ordinary chips. Mash taro also taste delicious too.

[Picture of Yam - Hình Khoai Mỡ]


It is root vegetable. Dark brown from the outside. Inside it has slimy firm white or purple flesh, very similar to taro but bigger. It uses in many African dishes. It can make into soups or chips. You can treat yam as potatoes.

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