How to get a crispy skin on chicken breast

You need to fry the chicken in a fairly high heat. When you fry the chicken use any flat utensil to press the chicken with the skin facing the pan. You can also add a nob of butter toward the end of the cooking process so the chicken will be more tasty.

How to get the creamy flavour without using cream

You can use milk instead of cream and just add some butter toward the cooking process. It works exteamly well in mushroom sauce. 

How to stop the sugar from crystalised

When you make any dessert that could trigger sugar to crystalise, you can add lime, lemon or even butter into the pan and stir them around to stop any sugar from crystalising. See my roast pinapple dish.

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How to know when the rice is cooked and not stuck together

To prevent the rice from glue together, you need to fry the rice first before you cook the rice. Make sure to fry the rice until it become deep white colour. The rice is cooked when the grains is transparent and no deep white colour. It should be soft and no crunchy. See my stuffed pepper dish.

How to get chips to be crispy

You need to fry the potatoes twice. First you fry them with low temperature around 140ºC-150ºC until they all most cooked. Then get them out of the frying pan and pad them with kitchen papers. Finally fry them again with temperature around 190ºC-200ºC. Pad them with kitchen paper again before serving.

How to stop food becoming too salty

Add more water or more milk in a creamy sauce. Sometimes you can put a few potatoes to absort the salty flavour. 

How to tenderised the meats

One of the method is that you can use a rolling pin to bash the meat before cooking. You can marinate the meat with grounded papaya seeds. However you need be carefull with the amount because it can loose the firmness of the meat very easilly.

How to make sure the poultry thoroughly cooked and still keep its tender 

You need to lay a wide piece of cling film in a surface and put your poultry inside. Then you roll the cling film around the poultry to form a parcel. Next you should make sure both end of the parcle is tidely knot. This is to stop the water from get in to the poultry. Finally poach its for at least 20 minutes before cooking it as you intended.

How to make simple boil vegetables to become tasty and fresh

When you boil any vegetable you should add some salt (about 1/5 teaspoons). As soon as the vegetables is cooked you put them in a ice water for a few minutes to make them fresh.

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