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These are the steps to remove cooked lobster meat ready for further cooking. See my Summer Lobster Salad recipe for an example recipe. 

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Step 1:

[Lobster Preparation - Step 1][Lobster Preparation - Step 1]

Hold the lobster's body and claws firmly. Twist the claw away from the body to break it off.

Step 2:

[Lobster Preparation - Step 2][Lobster Preparation - Step 2]

Hold the lobster's head and body firmly. Twist and pull to remove the head from the body.

Step 3:

[Lobster Preparation - Step 3][Lobster Preparation - Step 3][Lobster Preparation - Step 3]

Use a spoon to scape out all the tomalley (the green sauce which is the liver of the lobster) and any roe (the small bright red colour eggs) from the body. Lift off the upper shell of the head to reveal more tomalley inside. Use the spoon to remove this tomalley from the head. The tomalley can be from light green to dark green. If the lobster comes from a poluted area (e.g. the US east coast) then the tomalley can contain toxins. However, when clean it is a delicacy and can be made into a dipping sauce or dressing. It can be too strong for some people to eat, so if you don't like the tomalley you just discard it.

Step 4:

[Lobster Preparation - Step 4][Lobster Preparation - Step 4][Lobster Preparation - Step 4]

Use scissors to cut both sides of the shell under the lobster's belly. Peel off the shell and carefully remove the lobster's meat.

Step 5:

[Lobster Preparation - Step 5][Lobster Preparation - Step 5]

Cut off any meat which has the tomalley on. Remove the back of the lobster meat with any black vein. Sometimes this vein has the lobster's egg around it - this is edible.

Step 6:

[Lobster Preparation - Step 6][Losbter Preparation - Step 6]

(Optional) Clean the shell thoroughly and keep whole or split into halves for the presentation of your dish.

Step 7:

[Lobster Preparation - Step 7][Lobster Preparation - Step 7]

Break each lobster claw into individual knuckles.

Step 8:

[Lobster Preparation - Step 8][Lobster Preparation - Step 8][Lobster Preparation - Step 8][Lobster Preparation - Step 8]

Hold both pincers of the lobster's claw firmly and pull the small pincer outwards, pulling out the bony stem from inside the claw. Then use the back of a large heavy knife to break the claw shell. When enough meat is revealed you can remove the the claw meat in one piece. Remove meat  from the knuckles in a similar way. A very large lobster has meat in the legs too.

Step 9:

[Lobster Preparation - Step 9][Summer Lobster Salad - Tôm Hùm Sà Lách]

Cut the lobster meat into individual chunks to make it easy to use. See my Summer Lobster Salad recipe to see how I used this lobster.

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